Destination Services Management System

DSMSDestination Services Management System (DSMS) is developed to organize Destination Service Provider work throughout the project. Each project is divided into 3 main stages where actions take place:

Arrival Point: Arrival as well as customs clearance of the goods.

Warehouse: Loading, unloading, tagging and storing of goods, compiling damage and missing reports, compiling weekly inventory reports, temperature and humidity monitoring, preparing goods to be transferred to project site.

Project Site: Site inspection and clearance to receive goods, installation/storing of goods at site based on ID plans, compile installation reports, compile handover reports.

The common factor between the three stages is the goods which should be tracked throughout the DSMS.


The main functionalities of the DSMS are designed to manage the following:

  1. Customs Clearance ProcessDSMS3
  2. Warehouse Management
  3. Transportation to Project Site
  4. Installation of Items at the Project Site
  5. Handing-Over to the Goods to the Hotel Operator


the project includes dashboard with charts that shows the current situation of the goods, and generates different kind of reports, internal messaging system, email forwarding, real-time notification, and scheduling tasks.


Mainly, the roles of the users can be summarized as the following:

  • Observers: Ability to view the site only
  • Administrators: Ability to view the site, post data, change status, issue reports and provide feedback.
  • Super Administrators: All permissions including adding, editing and deleting users.


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