Traffic Information System

The Traffic Information System (TIS) provides the public with traffic volume information including Weekly Average Daily Traffic (WADT), Monthly Average Daily Traffic (MADT), Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) as well as raw vehicle counts obtained from traffic sites.

We based the web application for our client to use dynamic, accurate, and up-to-date maps provided by Google. These maps improve search functionality for traffic sites by using addresses, intersections, cities, landmarks, and the like.

TIS is a fully integrated management tool that can be used by the service provider to add and modify traffic sites, count information and calculate traffic averages. Public users can also quickly and easily search for site information and access traffic statistics as well as real-time traffic data.

The system incorporates two views with the following functionalities:

Administrator View functionality:

  • Add and modify traffic sites.
  • Validate newly input data using a data integrity tool to compare current data with historical data and data trends.
  • Accept good data or reject data deemed inaccurate.
  • Hide or unhide specific traffic sites from public view.
  • Dynamic update of WADT, MADT, and AADT.
  • Dynamic report generation.

Public View functionality:

  • Region boundaries overlaid on Google Maps.
  • Easy zoom-in or out to locate traffic sites.
  • Clickable traffic site with rich information, including total traffic volume, average speed, and vehicle volume per classification WADT, MADT, and AADT.
  • Traffic volume and Real-Time traffic flow visualization.
  • Historical traffic data reports and visualization.
  • Search for traffic site information using either clickable map navigation, physical address or GPS coordinates.
  • Rapid traffic-data search using filtering rules.


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