Nawatt has been developing Internet of Things (IoT) devices and platforms since 2008. The company built solutions for the gas fields of Alberta, highways of Oklahoma, hotels of Saudi Arabia and for the European Space Agency's Mars Mission. Nawatt consults on IoT projects worldwide especially on asset management solutions for the oil & gas, traffic as well as the real-estate industries.

Our Products

  • Procurement

    Masteri provides a native procurement system that eliminates the need for any external procurement system, while incorporating essential CRM features.

  • Maintenance

    Masteri gives managers not only the visibility to see the status of every single asset in the portfolio, but also the ability to control how every asset is managed throughout its lifecycle.

  • Financials

    Masteri is set-up with project specific asset portfolio and site hierarchy. Once all data is imported, assets get represented on the web application as well as all details including asset price, current value, added costs, depreciation value, and many more.

  • Inventory

    Masteri keeps track of all data to ensure continuous, accurate delivery, and best visibility; its robust process models are able to maintain flexible request/approval flows and automated enforcement of compliance.

  • Tracking

    Tracking assets becomes an important concern to a company, regardless of its size, as soon as it starts operating. Masteri gives you the visibility of the company’s assets and insights into asset strategic details for managers, while forming a firm base for making quicker and more efficient decisions.

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Our Team

Ismail AlKamal
Chief Executive Officer

Basel Taher
Chief Operating Officer

Ali Jawed
Branch Manager

Abdulwadood Halimeh
Product Manager

Baslan Asaad
Hardware Engineer

Salah Afaghani
Software/Firmware Engineer

Muhammad Al-Syrwan
Software Engineer

Muhammet Mektebi
Software Engineer


These are the key technologies we use to deliver our projects successfuly.

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