Track your purchases from planning to delivery


Add suppliers and their contact information. Track spending across vendors.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for every supplier and add all procured assets.

Added Costs

Include additional costs such as shipping, clearing, customs, storage and installation.


Any vendor discounts or deductions can be included in the total item price.


Masteri enables adding public or private notes and comments to each purchase order.


Any documents or images can be included with each purchase order for future reference.


Depreciation calculation is simple


Add fixed assets to the asset register with all purchase and added costs as well as any discounts.

Asset Classes

Categorize your fixed assets into different types per asset class such as furniture, buildings, land, vehicles, etc.

Asset Types

Each asset class can have multiple types. Furniture can have lighting, seating and equipment, etc.


Assets can be grouped according to location and area types. Total assets value per site is automatically calculated.


Depreciation can be set for each type or class of assets according to any depreciation method possible.


Masteri houses a comprehensive report generator. Thousands of templates are available to display reports with one click.


Maintenance Requests made easy

Incident Capturing

Any incidents such as asset damages can be reported from the mobile barcode/RFID scanners.

Audit Trails

A complete history of each asset is visible to the users. The audit trail tracks movement and status changes.

Approval Workflows

Mutiple users can be assigned to approve sending assets for maintenance or shifting assets between different locations.


Sending and receiving assets is accomplished easily with just one click.


Assigned users can be notified by email or through the system with any changes.


Unauthorized changes are logged and alerts are sent to the concerned users.


Partial or Full counting and reconciliation

Full Counting

Users can send full counting requests to field staff. A notification is automatically sent to the assigned field staff.

Partial Requests

Requests can be granular up to the site level dividing the work among field staff.

Missing Assets

Missing assets are automatically detected after a counting for a site is complete.

Baseline View

Users can automatically go back to view the baseline list of fixed assets.


Current count can be compared to previous counts or the baseline.


Once counting is complete, the asset register can be reconciled and missing assets written off.


Use Barcode and RFID to track assets

Full Automation

With fixed RFID scanners, shifting of fixed assets is automatically logged.


Masteri is compatible with all Radio Frequency Identification labels and tags.


Barcode is also natively supported in Masteri. A mix of RFID and Barcode is possible.

Real Time

Real time asset detection is possible with the installation of fixed RFID scanners.


Authorized users can shift assets between different locations and can even loan assets to other properties.


The systems can be connected to physical alarms in key areas that go of at any unauthorized transfer.