Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Date: 2013
Industry: Construction

The Challenge​

Manage $100 Million of furniture deliveries from over 1,000 suppliers.

The solution
Implemented Nawatt’s business process automation software.
The outcome
$30 Million in renewed business

$30 Million

In renewed business after implementing Nawatt’s business process automation software

AlKamal International managing furniture deliveries from over 1,000 suppliers

4,000 guestrooms furnished with $30 Million in new contract awards
The Challenge

Jabal Omar contracted AlKamal International to furnish five hotels in Saudi Arabia. More than 1,000 suppliers manufactured over $100 Million worth of furniture and supplies. The contract involved tracking all these deliveries.

AlKamal was also in charge of clearing these deliveries from customs. Then, warehousing the furniture in over 300,000 square feet of storage space.

Once each hotel was ready, AlKamal International shifted the furniture to site. The company’s site team distributed and installed each piece in place. All project stakeholders needed to track deliveries, site readiness and installation progress daily.

The project developer managed the progress closely. This was to ensure that the hotels opened on time. So, AlKamal International submitted daily reports to keep all stakeholders updated.

The Solution

AlKamal International needed a quicker way to manage deliveries and installation. So, they turned to Nawatt to develop a custom solution for them.

The software requirements involved automating the whole business process from delivery to installation. Since managing deliveries from over 1,000 suppliers was time consuming. Also, tracking installation for 4,000 guestrooms daily was impossible.

Nawatt developed and built the software in three months to track suppliers, deliveries, shipment clearance, warehousing and installation. The software also included approval workflows, internal messaging, progress notifications and a comprehensive reports generator.

The Outcome

AlKamal International was able to be completely transparent with the project developer and consultant. Thus, earning their trust in the company’s capability to deliver the project on time for the hotel opening.

This resulted in successfully delivering 4.000 fully furnished guestrooms to the project developer in time for the opening of each hotel. AlKamal International also signed new contracts worth more than $30 Million to manage and install furniture and supplies.

About AlKamal International

AlKamal International is one of the most prominent design & build contractors in Saudi Arabia specialized in the hospitality industry. Its most notable projects include the Sheration Makkah Jabal Al Kaaba, Hilton Makkah Hotel & Towers, Al Marwa Rayhaan Makkah by Rotana, the Jabal Omar Hilton Suites and Marriott hotels. The company is an innovator in the industry and has successfully completed the first aquarium, first auction house and first high-tech school in Saudi Arabia. For more information, please visit alkamalintl.com.