Location: Makkah, Jeddah & Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Date: 2015 – Current Industry: Real Estate
The Challenge​

Monitor and maintain over 200,000 assets across five hotels.

The solution

Implemented on-premise Masteri solution with RFID to automate tracking and counting.

The outcome

Savings up to twelve percent (12%) of insurance and maintenance costs.

$133 Million

The lease deal signed between AlHokair and Jabal Omar after being impressed by the management of assets within the hotel.

Jabal Omar successfully tracking 200,000 assets worth $100 Million

Savings up to twelve percent (12%) of insurance and maintenance costs
The Challenge

Jabal Omar is the largest real estate developer in Saudi Arabia. They have a portfolio of properties worth billions of dollars. The company is currently building over twenty hotel towers in Makkah. Top brands such as Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt have already occupied the first 10 towers.

As can be imagined, the real estate giant will need to track and maintain over a million assets at project completion. To complicate things, storage space in Makkah is limited. So, any surplus assets need to be stored in warehouses outside the city. Since occupancy is seasonal, thousands of mobile beds are moved to the hotels in the high season. During the low season, these beds are moved out to the company warehouses.

The Jabal Omar team deals with tens of hotel operators with varying requirements. The company also reports to its financiers such as top banks and major shareholders. It’s listed on the local stock exchange (Tadawul). Therefore, Jabal Omar needs to file its financial statements and must face scrutiny from its auditors.

The Solution

Jabal Omar signed a master agreement with Nawatt to implement Masteri across all hotels as well as its corporate offices in Jeddah, Makkah and Riyadh. Nawatt’s ISO 55000 (Asset Management certified consultant joined Jabal Omar’s team to assist in the transition to the new Integrated Fixed Assets system.

Nawatt tagged more than 200,000 assets using RFID labels. The company also installed twenty RFID fixed scanners in key areas to track asset transfers. Besides, Nawatt migrated thousands of purchase orders and hundreds of supplier data to the system. More than a hundred employees were trained to use Masteri. Also, six servers were deployed on premise with more than thirty terabytes of storage.

The Outcome

The instant visibility of over 200,000 assets, their records and audit trails were the immediate benefit of Masteri. The Jabal Omar team and all hotel operators are now part of a solution providing streamlined approval workflows and over a thousand report templates to meet management requirements. Jabal Omar has felt the efficiency of the solution within its operations. They estimate their savings at more than twelve (12%) of yearly insurance and maintenance costs. In addition, Masteri was one of the contributing factors in the lease deal signed with AlHokair group worth more than $133 Million.

About Jabal Omar

Jabal Omar Development Company, arguably one of the largest real estate developers in the Middle East and one of the largest listed companies in the Saudi Tadawul Stock Exchange. Its flagship project, Jabal Omar, is a multi-use real estate mega development project within a walking distance of The Grand Mosque of Makkah. As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to increase its capacity to welcome a growing number of pilgrims, JODC is a proud contributor to the development of the area surrounding The Grand Mosque and strives to provide Makkah’s visitors and residents with a unique spiritual and physical experience. For more information, please visit jabalomar.com.sa.