Location: Oklahoma, USA
Date: 2011
Industry: Transportation

The Challenge​
Collect, process, and visualize data accurately from more than 300 highways across Oklahoma state.
The solution

Implement a real-time GIS based Traffic Information System (TIS) to monitor 5,000 sites, process data, and generate reports.

The outcome
Saving millions of dollars’ worth of manual work by using automatic data acquisition which reduced data processing time and cost to zero.

$88 Million

in transportation activities expenses saved in 2012 in Oklahoma state.

Nawatt’s TIS took up the challenge of monitoring more than 5,000 sites in Oklahoma state

Providing the public with real-time accurate traffic data
The Challenge

Under the supervision of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) among others are required to publish accurate data about their highways in urban areas and counties.

The goal is to collect traffic volume information including Weekly Average Daily Traffic (WADT), Monthly Average Daily Traffic (MADT), Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) as well as up-to-date daily counts. The data was collected from sites, entered into sheets and processed manually to be used later for building reports. This method was not only inefficient, but also inaccurate.

The department itself make use of this data to better manage their assets including bridges, highways, and roads. The data also help the department outline transportation policies and plan the complex network effectively.

Many research centers, universities, contractors, and companies around the globe also depend on this data to improve collaboration with the department.

The Solution

Innovative Traffic Systems & Solutions (ITSS) worked with Nawatt on providing a solution that automates data processing and visualization using latest technologies. The Traffic Information System (TIS) allowed users to manage sites on a multi-layer map. They could validate data using data integrity tools as well as comparing results with historical records and trends. WADT, MADT, and AADT readings are dynamically updated besides other traffic information including total traffic volume, average speed, and vehicle volume per classification. The public portal gave access to all current and historical site data with the ability to search by map navigation, site name, or GPS coordinates.

The operator could accept or reject data deemed inaccurate with a click of a button. The system allowed users to hide unwanted sites and to print reports of specific areas, dates, and types. The staff now focus on analyzing the data and planning for high-level performance improvement rather than uncovering data discrepancies.

The Outcome

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation could receive data from thousands of sites immediately. All without losing support for millions of dollars’ worth of legacy equipment. The Maps, graphs, alarms, and reports enhanced visibility and provided the public with rich resources. It engaged research centers and contractors. It all added to ODOT’s compliance with FHWA Highway policies.

In 2012, Oklahoma state cut its ever-increasing expenses by 9.5% in transportation compared to previous years. It also helped increasing the budget appropriated for transportation by 93%.

About Innovative Traffic Solutions & Systems
ITSS is a leading transportation contractor based in Oklahoma, USA. They have been awarded many transportation projects with the department of transportation (ODOT). They set a mission of lowering the planning and maintenance costs in transportation infrastructure in the state. This targets more than 12,286 miles of highways and 6,805 bridges, as well as 953 miles of state owned railroad. The company has access to projects backed with a budget of more than $1 billion. For more information, please visit itrafficsystems.com.